Kota Factory Season 2 Netflix Web Series REVIEW

Our mainstream culture has begun to honor people who go against the grain, choosing their passion over a typical professional route, and preaching that the road they pick will ultimately bring them to a happy and tranquil existence. The real world, as we know it, is rather different. Teenagers who are growing up in the midst of this new wave are still taking JEE and finding it difficult to adjust.

They are, after all, too young to know any better, yet they aren’t just roaming around aimlessly. They’re asking the appropriate questions and attempting to create an educated judgment.

Kota Factory is returning with its second season on Netflix, following a fantastic debut season on YouTube. The show, which is set in the student town of Kota, follows the lives of Vaibhav, a 17-year-old who aspires to excel in his academics and feels that this is the most important time of his life. His buddies Uday, Meena, and Shivangi, as well as his first girlfriend Vartika, are at his side, but Jeetu Bhaiya is his mentor and guiding light during this period of his life.

Jeetu Bhaiya, directed by Jitendra Kumar, has knowledge oozing from every interaction, and while it might be preachy at times, you know that a young adult listening to him would be in awe. When a lost soul arrives at his doorway, he enlightens them by explaining why they should not dream, but rather strive for their objectives.

The tone of the second season of Kota Factory has been maintained by director Raghav Subbu. The black-and-white series explores the delicate mental health of impressionable teens as they attempt to balance it with their physical well-being, as well as a variety of other adolescent concerns. Despite the fact that the program is centered on teens, it never feels childish.

The closest we have to Dead Poets Society is Kota Factory, and it feels like we’re nearing that zone. Sameer Saxena, Ranjan Raj, Ahsaas Channa, Alam Khan, and Vaibhav Thakkar are all superbly cast, and Aspirants fans will be pleased with a special surprise. I recommend viewing this moving series when you h
ave some time to reflect on your life to those who have yet to find it.

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