KP Oli and Madhav Nepal will never split

Many are beginning to take an interest in Nepal’s current politics. Some time ago, Prime Minister
KP Sharma Oli’s announcement to take a vote of confidence has caused a stir in Nepali politics.
In this context, Bharat Dahal’s analysis of Nepali politics is as follows.

There have been many protests in Nepal over the past few years about the MCC. According to
Dahal, the West thinks that Nepal will be run by India. He said that the westerners used to play
their game through India to establish their dominance in Nepal as Nepal and India share a border.
Due to India’s dominance in Nepal, it seems that Nepal is run by India. The West has been
targeting Nepal in the guise of India as the West cannot allow India to rule in Nepal without
taking it into its own hands. Dahal also said that since India and China are rivals of each other,
the West has been taking India in its hands to take Nepal. According to him, MCC is also a
product of this. Seeing that, it is as if India is asking, but the policy in MCC is the same as that of
the United States.

Dahal says that the West has a hand in the conflicts that erupt from time to time in neighboring
India and China. He is of the view that the western countries have been playing Nepali politics
through India as it is easy to go against China which is in competition with the western countries
if it can establish its dominance in Nepal. He said that the leaders of the so-called big parties of
Nepal have been following the suggestions and advice of the Indian government. India has been
out of the ongoing global politics in Nepal for some time now. On the front, China and the
United States have come. He cites MCC as a moving example.

As for Oli, Dahal says that he is seen as a fascist and a criminal, with all the power concentrated.
But he says it’s just a strategy, not a possibility. If KP cannot move ahead of Oli, he can choose
another option. That option is Baburam Bhattarai. He is already seen as Rao’s agent. Baburam’s
family is considered to be the most corrupt family in Asia. There is a reason why Baburam, who
fills his pockets from India, will never oppose India. According to Dahal, this is the reason why
he has always taken the relationship with China in a negative light. He said that the reconciliation between Madhav Nepal and Prachanda was a bargaining chip ofNepal. Madhav had also matched with Prachanda to show fear to KP Oli. After finally agreeing to his bargaining with Oli, Madhav left with Prachanda. Therefore, Madhav Nepal and KP Oliwill never be released, says Bharat Dahal.

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