KP Oli in the direction! Elections, jokes, alliances, government, courts, foreign policy, etc.

This program lasts one hour. Bijay kumar of Dishanideshtv hosted this show and questioned ex-president kp sharma oli a number of questions. In the direction of UML President KP Oli! Elections, humor, alliances, governance, judiciary, foreign policy, and other issues are discussed in depth of the show.

The first question was why do leaders conduct several interviews. It is not (just) about knowledge, as oli said. A good leader upholds the company’s ideals and promotes its long-term success. Choose people who want to advance in their jobs and who want to learn new things.

The world’s great and good have descended to the little village of every Nepali heart to ponder the future of the global economy, with the organizing body’s simple collective purpose statement, “better the status of the world.” He stated that he has been really busy.

He also discussed the Metoo case, according to him. Although the ‘MeToo movement’ swept Nepal in 2019, a panel discussing ‘Why #metoo movement failed to take off in Nepal’ at the second edition of Kantipur Conclave on Saturday stated the movement stalled owing to a long-standing ‘victim-blaming’ pattern and a lack of government and organization unity.

He also mentioned Prachanda’s friendship with him. Oli and Dahal are attempting to reach an agreement on hosting the party’s general convention in November/December. Prachanda, who had previously demanded Oli’s resignation, has now backed down after being urged by Beijing to maintain Communist unity.



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