Kp sharma Oli “Madhav Nepal has no place in the party now”

CPN-UML Chairperson and Outgoing Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has told senior party leader Madhav Kumar Nepal that there is no place for him in the UML now. Addressing his supporters, Chairman Oli, who left his official residence in Baluwatar today and reached his private residence in Balkot, declared that there was no place for him in the party.

He said, “Madhav Nepal has no place in the party now. There is no room for him to admit mistakes and self-criticism. If other people who are behind Nepal feel their weaknesses and want to work for the party, the party will give them a place.”

Stating that the court has shown a journey like no other in the world by appointing a prime minister, he said that a precedent has been set in the world of appointing a prime minister by blocking the way of the people. He said, “Not by mandate, not by command, not by not being able to work, by developing the country, by uniting the nation, by implementing the constitution, by making it universally acceptable, by advancing development, by advancing Nepal’s image at the international level.”

Chairman Oli claimed that there would be no shortage of vaccines as the government under his leadership has already made arrangements for universal vaccination. He said, “We have already made arrangements for vaccination to reach all Nepalis. There is no shortage of vaccines. I said yesterday, I have already arranged for vaccinations. Vaccines will come soon from different countries, but it would be a shame if someone says that I have brought vaccines. ”

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