Krishna Kandel on Tika Sanu birthday

Happy birthday to Tika Sanu, the popular singer who has won the hearts of everyone from Indreni. we are going to talk about Tika Sanu. She is a very popular singer from the popular show Indreni. Tika Sanu is also considered to be a great singer of rehearsals. Born in Tulsipur, Dang, she is one of the four sisters in the family. Krishna Kandel wished Tika Sanu a happy birthday for the first time today through a message.

Tika, who has consistently won the hearts of ordinary Nepalis, is still sought after by viewers in the same way. Asked if she would come, she said she would go to Indreni soon. She says that because of the fragile family situation, she has not been able to succeed. Tears well up in my eyes as I remember the moment when I didn’t have the money to pay for the Rent and buses too.

Sanu, who came to Kathmandu from Tulsipur in 2068 BS saying that she loves music, says that her family had to be sent abroad as the condition of her family became more critical.
After the other four sisters, Madhya Didi and one sister Poila, left home and stayed in Kathmandu, it became difficult for them to continue their musical journey. She returned to the village.

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