Kulman Ghising’ don’t make random statements about authority without looking at the data

When other things started to arise about the Nepal Electricity Authority, the CEO of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising said that no one should say what he got in his mouth without looking at the real data, look at the data and then decide whether the Electricity Authority has done wrong or right. They said to raise your voice. He said that now the authority is giving a large amount of load to any area and sometimes it says otherwise when the transformer breaks down and cannot provide power for a couple of days.

He said that now people are looking at immediate benefits and away from long-term benefits. He said that since they have benefited a lot in electric and diesel petrol vehicles, people should act by thinking about the benefits they have got rather than what people say outside. Against corruption, injustice, injustice, tyranny Gyanendra Sahi, who has been fighting in and recently started his political journey from RA PRPA, said that the electricity that is going to be sold to India for 11 rupees, we the people of Karnali want to buy it for 13 rupees, so sell it to us, CEO of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising. Power Minister Pampha Bhusal has spoken to the Nepal Electricity Authority.

Sahi said that there is only electricity in Karnali. Sahi has said that if electricity reaches Karnali, we will operate many businesses, we will consume electricity, we would like to burn electricity instead of buying petroleum diesel which is being bought at an expensive price. He said that Nepal’s electricity can be sold abroad, but the people of Nepal have not received electricity. He said that now there is a line of 132 kb in the place, why is he giving a line of 11 kb in Jumla.

Nepal Electricity Authority sold electricity in the Indian market in one month and earned 1.72 billion 3 million in one month. The authority earns by selling electricity at the energy exchange rate, the remaining electricity consumed within the country, started distribution to ix in the rainy season. Initially, 39 megawatts of electricity were distributed daily to two power stations, but it has been found that 364 megawatts of electricity has been distributed since June 24. The authority has got permission to sell the electricity produced by 6 hydropower offices in the ix market.

The authority got the highest rate on June 1, which was Rs 15.93 per unit on that day. The lowest price was Rs 4.92 per unit on June 7. Executive Kulman Ghising has said that despite selling electricity in the competitive market from the last financial year, the business has progressed with more effective accounts from this year. After electricity is being sold like this, the role of hydropower in the development of Nepal is going to be great. The government is also working to increase electricity production.

Nepal, which has been using 18-hour load setting in the past, has been adding more hydropower projects every year for the past few years. From the private and government sector, the return on investment in electricity has reached a full state. Kulman said that when he was in the Electricity Authority, 65% of the people had access to electricity and now it has reached 95%. He said that since the work is still going on continuously from central broadcasting, it will soon reach Bigot area as well.

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