Kunti apologizes to Magin Rekha Thapa. Gebate. Kunti shahi and Ushakiran timilsana

In a program broadcast on galaxy 4k television, newly elected General Minister Kunti Sahi and Usakiran Timalsina from CPN-UML discussed Nepal’s politics and contemporary issues.  Following in the footsteps of Kamal Thapa, who has been ruling for 15 years, Rajendra Sindel has emerged victorious.  Rajendra Sigdel has ousted Kamal Thapa, who has been leading the party for a long time in a democratic manner. The same old face was present at the CPN-UML session.

The current situation in the country is taking a new turn. In the current situation, people are active in their work. After Kamal Thapa’s leadership did not seem right, the youth leader Rajendra tried to confront him.  The session of the National Democratic Party was held in a democratic manner. Kamal Thapa got 1617 votes and Rajendra Lingden won the post with 1817 votes.  Jagar and Shave shown that he has won while traveling.

The parties in Nepal have been ruled by one party. There are separate organizations for positions within the party. As a result, their organizations are found to be different.  As a result, her party is in the same predicament. Prosperity in the country
And for development, it is necessary to have the right leadership in the country. People need to have a vision first, but the region is involved in Nepali politics.  No

Despite the need for new leadership in the country, the country has never got the people to manage the affairs. The habit of flattering the leaders within the party lags behind in the development of the country.  “Even if someone came, it would be very difficult for him to do normal work. There is a kind of bad policy in the society,” said Timilsina.  They can’t unite their party more than the people.

Kunti, who won the general election from Rappa, has apologized to Rekha Thapa for making a mistake.  Speaking on television after Kunti’s victory in the General Assembly, Kunti apologized and said that now everyone is working together for the development of the country.  The party has put forward its agenda to say no.

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