Lack of oxygen in Nepal’s hospitals

Doctors are alarmed by the growing number of corona infections in the country. Many patients
have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. How does the patient’s relatives feel when they hear
that the patient will die if oxygen does not arrive in a few minutes? How can a patient handle
such a situation? A truly dire situation has been created in the country due to the Corona
epidemic. But the leader who is running the country loves his chair more than the patient who is
dying in the hospital. And he is in a hurry to save his position rather than filling the empty
oxygen cylinder in the hospital.

A status has taken up a lot of space on social media. Many also shared the status. How to expose
the helplessness of the government without sharing. The status was the president of the National
Trauma Center. Of Santosh Poudyal. He wrote on his Facebook status that he had gone to the
room from the hospital three days later. They were calling the company and asking for help as
the oxygen supply in the hospital was limited to 15 minutes. When he called the company and
asked, he got the information that the oxygen cylinder was taken away by the big men of the
police. The director did not even know that the oxygen kept for the trauma was being taken

He has written in his status, there is pain. Became a doctor in life. Loved human life. I see many
deaths right in front of my eyes. Sorry for saving lives like mine. A heartfelt tribute dear lives.
His status also shows that many died in the hospital on the same day due to lack of oxygen. It
was later learned that the oxygen cylinder should be taken to the Nepal Police Hospital in
Maharajgunj under the direction of Covid 19 Crisis Management CCMC. Hospitals are in trouble
when they are taken away rather than helped in times of crisis.

Oxygen cylinders have been in short supply in Nepal for the past few days. On an average, the
number of small and large cylinders in the country is 1 lakh 8 thousand 164. Kathmandu
produces 10,500 cylinders of oxygen daily. Similarly, 500 cylinders of gas can be filled in
Chitwan, 700 in Biratnagar and 500 in Simara. The oxygen produced in this way can reach
12,200 cylinders per day. According to this, there are 95 thousand 964 empty cylinders in Nepal.
Compared to the daily demand for oxygen, there are 7 times more oxygen cylinders. But where
is the cylinder? According to the Oxygen Production Center, not all the cylinders that reach the
hospital are returned. It is learned that such a situation has arisen as the general public also keeps
cylinders in their homes.

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