Lalamohar, Bhuban KC’s conclusion – “Puspa” and “Puppet” tickets sold at the same price, Nepali cinema will never be successful.

Weekly programs aired on galaxy 4k television, programs in Lal Mohar, Evergreen hero of Nepali film industry, Producer and personality who has made great contribution in Nepali film industry Bhuban KC, Chairman of Film Development Board  Recently, Chappali Heights 3 has been produced, with Arjun Kumar discussing the development of the film industry, during Korna’s lockdown, the sufferings of the people working in the film industry in today’s Yash program. Bhuban KC  The chairman of the Film Development Board has said that he has brought a relief program for all the newly arrived artist technicians after his arrival.

According to producer Arjun, Nepali films have been affected by the viruses in the Nepali film industry.  He said that there will be no improvement, there should be policy and rules. He said that rules and regulations have been made in the Nepali film sector.  The chairman of the Film Development Board has said that the work will be done within the month of April to uplift the language  films.

On galaxy 4k television, a strong young man born in Dharan started Lal Lal Mohar with the aim of fulfilling what people have been talking about, discussing various issues with the concerned parties.  Some have gone to great lengths to solve the problem, while others have made it their business. Some have gone to great lengths to eradicate inhumane acts, such as corruption.  While the problems of the people are being exposed, they have started the red seal to solve the problems of the people’s interest and grievances, to take the various problems of the country to the relevant places.  Is found to be.Ramesh Prasai is a born blind man, he used to be very fearless in public. He is known as a successful person in the world. He is also considered as a hero of Nepali people.  It is said that no matter what the situation, it is hard to say that the heart of even the greatest people is shaken.  Ramesh Prasai used to express his views on socio-political physics frequently.

After a long time of mutual understanding and consultation between the two of them, Ramesh will be running a program in the newly opened program.  No, it is his goal to make the program a real change. The red seal started by Ramesh Prasai has claimed to be a red seal on the various activities taking place in the society.  He claimed that the education sector should be reformed the most in the society.

He said that every word of Prasai used to be strong when development was not done. People are happy with Prasai’s speech and words.  It is said that Ramesh Prasai’s Lal Mohar program will be presented from galaxy 4k to different colleges every week, asking questions on various issues, paving the way for a solution.  No, he claims that the answer to the question and the solution will also be found.

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