Land Commission saying Balen’s move is wrong

In Lalmohar, a weekly program broadcasted by galaxy 4k television, it is committed to discuss various activities in the society, to find aspects of its solution, and to implement those actions in life. While trying to make Kathmandu clean and green, various obstacles are coming. A great controversy was created when the metropolis took the initiative to evict the squatters in the vicinity of Kathmandu Thapathali and Bagmati.

In today’s Lal Mohar program, the clash between the squatters and the metropolitan police in Thapathali and why such incidents happen and when and how the settlement of the squatters will take place, Chairman of the Integrated Bagmati Civilization Development Committee and Minister of Urban Development Methmani Chaudhary and Nahendra Khadka, Vice President and Spokesperson of Bhumi Bigya National Land Commission, participated in the debate along with students of Nepal Law Campus. Until today, the leaders have only made promises and made their voters, but they have not been able to solve the problem of squatters.

According to Nahendra Khadka, since there are 5 million people who do not own their own land and their own homes, the state has to arrange their health, education, drinking water, grass, housing, and cotton. Methmani said that the state has identified all the parties and now the state has made policies and rules to manage all of them, but the government is taking initiatives to manage them.

The Integrated Bagmati Civilization Development Committee had issued a notice to vacate the settlement with a deadline of 4th December. The committee issued a notice and asked to remove the houses and construction materials and vehicles constructed illegally on the river bank. They pelted stones at the team of the metropolis saying that the locals started removing it without alternative arrangements. The locals said that they have been living in this settlement for a long time and now they cannot evict them without making arrangements.

Ramesh Prasai is a born blind person, he used to speak his clear words in the public arena without any fear. A person who is known as a successful person in the world, who teaches how to build a society, is considered a hero of the Nepali people. Ramesh Prasai’s speech is so powerful that even in any situation, he delivers powerful speeches that shake the hearts of even the oldest people.

Fearless, there are few people who do not bow in front of Prasai, who have such courage, his words shake the negative thoughts. Prasai, who constantly takes his speech in the society, walks in the path of social change, to be a source of inspiration for thousands. Ramesh Prasai often used to present his expression on socio-political material issues. Lamichhane said that if he can bring the talent in him to the society, he will help to bring him to television with the aim of playing an important role in building the society.

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