Laughing – Laughing, Sathyaraj cried. Babu Bhaktaraj Acharya’s emotional pain for 30 years

The tongue of any artist seems to be the exact opposite from the inside.  Living alone while living, the artists live their lives laughing among the spectators outside.  Similarly, the singer-songwriter Satya Raj Acharya has a life of suffering and struggle.  Sathya Raj, who is also associated with Nepali song music as well as reality self, has recently started coming to the market with new songs.

He said that Bhaktaraj is a man who carries the weight of himself, who portrays the real nature of Nepali society.  Bhakta Raj, who has been ill for a long time and looking at Bhakta Raj in his youth, said that he had a lot on his mind. He said that he has not been able to sleep for thirty years.  Madan said that he did not have that dream.

In addition to creating song music, imitating others, Sathya Raj also captures the innermost thoughts of the audience, his talents carry a different kind of emotion.  He said that it is very difficult to work in a place where all the black artists are working in one place. He said that it is very difficult to judge in any matter.  He said that if any Shrestha did a good job, one day the audience would understand better.

Sathya Raj, who has been appearing in Tiktok lately, said that while learning anything, there are both right and wrong, there is both abuse and applause in it.  While taking steps in the Nepali deadly field, there are thousands of hobby goals in mind, which add a different kind of inspiration and wave to the people.  There are a lot of artists who have been learning human culture, they are learning one work from another. Most of the big artists in the age of YouTube Tiktok did not know about technology, he said.

He said that when any artist is running in the Nepali market, he has YY, when it is difficult for him, no one looks at him.  Satya Raj has said that when people are in pain, their backs will be lessened, when the artist is burnt, then everyone will warm up.  During the lockdown, there was a kind of tension between people of all walks of life, mostly artists.  At that time, everyone needed consolation, but neither side was watching, he said.

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