Laughter and tears of Minister Jhakri on Yaksha question: talk about her Raute Mitini and UML

Ram Kumari Jhakri, a student from the student body, is now in the spotlight. She was also involved in the controversy when she talked to the engineer about the problems she encountered on the road while traveling.  He said that he was deeply saddened by the situation. He said that he was conducting an in-depth study on how to address their problems and develop them by providing health education services to them.  She said that she has been working hard for the development of the community and for the development of the community.

Zachary went to a place where there were 140 people, and put on a date with gazelle and remembrance. She said that when she came back with a date, tears came to her eyes when she came back.  Zachary, who used to openly protest against the bad deeds within her own party, has now started showing the same attitude.  When KP Oli was the Prime Minister, she used to openly protest against the bad deeds of Bhairakhe. She was brought into the limelight because of the protests she had wasted.  She was repeatedly dragged into conflict.

Zacchaeus, who is committed to working for a better society, said she would carry out all the responsibilities under her ministry.  Zachary, who has spoken out against the wrongdoings in society, has now reached her home district, and a photo of her doing so has gone viral on social media.  Zachary arrived in her home district of Pulkot Dahi on Sunday, climbed onto a sofa cushion and took a salute.

Zachary has been the talk of the town for some time now, after a photo of her saluting on a sofa went viral on social media.  “We knew there was criticism. This is an honor given by an office, so it is requested to be taken lightly,” said Pirke.  Gulmi is on the verge of becoming an MP after contesting the election from Gulmi. She was also scolded for not being able to enter her house.  , Including the coalition government was formed.  She had reached the stage.

When Ser Bahadur Deuba was the Prime Minister, Jhakri, who was given the ministry of urban development in the coalition government, had recently come out in the field saying that not only words but also deeds should be shown.  No, Ram Kumari Jhakri, who is in charge of the Ministry of Urban Development, is often talked about. Jhakri, who has been protesting against the negative actions of others, is now doing the same thing herself.  That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

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