Laure (Ashish Rana) in PLY Show.

He said that after getting addicted to drugs, people feel refreshed and if they don’t eat, they feel sick. He said that it would be very difficult to get rid of it as he would feel dizzy when he did not get drugs, his body would be damaged and he would feel like a leader. He said it would be better to stay away from the area as people from different areas could be trapped in the area. The song, which is now in the new market, covers the events of his life, he said.

He said that he had a hard time believing that he had failed in his studies. After studying for his bachelor’s degree, he started from Gaza and started taking drugs like drugs. In the course of the year, he has said that he has made 20 million rupees by taking drugs. He said that he had to give up while taking drugs, but he said that he used to take drugs as he could not work without them. He was released on bail 56 days after police released him with drugs. The family has been at loggerheads over the use of drugs and has now released a “sick” song from its YouTube channel.

Ashish Rana, who has been making headlines from the Nepali rap battle, was released along with his friends on the basis of confidential information in the case of “Laure” drug. Laurie, who was also a judge of the Himalayan Rudis, was released after 56 days in jail. Laurie, a close friend of the famous rapper Yama Buddha, was very popular among the youth. He said that after his release from police custody, he has been promoting his music in a way that develops positive thinking in people who are addicted to drugs for various reasons.

He said that people in the rap area often use narcotic drugs because in the rap area they have to say both bitter and sweet things, while in other areas only sweets come out. Famous rapper Ashish Rana Laure was released on the basis of confidential information in the case of Laguasad on December 3 at 7 pm. He has been remanded in custody and is now under investigation. There is a 90-day waiver for research on the drug. According to the police, the second term has been extended after the expiration of the first term. Rap came into the limelight after the battle, later he made an image of Yuba from my song Solta, SuperAga, Howdy, Caste No. 420, in a house with four members, he says he comes a lot to cook.

The drug Brownsugar located at 8 Jalpa Road of Pokhara Metropolitan City has been released with 0.51 grams on the basis of confidential information. Laure, 32, of Oda Na 9 Naya Bazar, Pokhara Sub-metropolitan, Kumar Gurung, 30, of Oda Na 7, has been living in Oda Na 1 for 30 years, Dhrub Bahadur Thapa, 39, of Sangja Bhirkot Municipality has been living in Oda Na 6 for 22 years. Susmita Gurung has been released by the police. Laurie, who is also the judge of Rudij, which is aired on Himalaya Television, is currently in the custody of the police.

People who are addicted to drugs have to face a lot of difficulties to get out of that area. Sometimes people get into that area when they are in the wrong company, their lives change drastically, which makes their future eight. The government of Nepal, the security forces, various organizations are constantly working to stop the drug menace, but some people have reached the area and are pushing their future into the dark. They also use brown sugar.

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