Lawyer was beaten for uttering abusive words

The court is the last resort for justice beyond human suffering, injustice and heaping. The work of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been found to be defaming the court lately.  Seeing the plight of the people, the common man can do nothing but look at their plight. After the court became embroiled in controversy, the common man complained about how to get justice from where.  Lately, hooliganism has been found in the courts as well.

The three men in the car entered the Nepal Bar Association and hurled insults at the lawyers who were shouting against the Chief Justice. They not only insulted the lawyers but also threatened to beat them up.  However, they have hinted that Cholendra may be a man from Samser. The three youths who had entered the bar while parking the car had earlier beaten up the lawyer and said that they would also be beaten up.

Only a few days ago, when the lawyers started raising their voices against the Chief Justice, force was used on the police and the lawyers. In the scuffle between the lawyers and the police, the President of Nepal Bar Association Chandeshwar and other lawyers were also slightly injured.  He also acknowledged that the issue of corruption should be investigated and the property should be investigated. After such a tendency was seen in the place where people get justice, the common people have become convinced that the poor will not get justice when they suffer injustice.  It seems to be difficult for the citizens.

Krishna Gopal Thokar of Ramechhap Manthali had been living abroad for two years and earning Rs 8-10 lakh. He came to Nepal with a dream of earning a living.  His nephew Kabindra Lama Krishna Gopal, who was involved in financial transactions with him, has lost his business and has to go abroad again.  He had also taken the vehicle for a month on the condition of paying the installment of the vehicle. He had also taken the vehicle as collateral and withdrew the money.

In Nepal too, with the development of technology, people have started adopting new techniques to become rich quickly.  They have been caught by the Buddhist police with various manufactured items including Rs 65,365.  , 19-year-old Chiranjibi Jyoti, 23-year-old Sujan Jyoti, 26-year-old Samroj Thapa Magar.

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