Lawyer, who argued for Sandeep Lamichhane, reached Singapore.

When Sandeep Lamichhane went abroad to play cricket, after the Kathmandu District Court issued a warrant against him, he lost contact.  After a long time, Okil, who advocated for Lamichhane, flew to Singapore, and it is suspected that Sandeep is also there.  Now Sandeep is out of contact and taking legal advice, Nepal Police said that they are searching for him.

After the Kathmandu District Court has issued a warrant against Sandeep Lamichhane, he has informed that he is going to leave CPL and come to Nepal. He has posted on social media that he is ready to deal with baseless accusations because the law is equal for everyone.  Some people online are saying that Sandeep’s behavior is bad, others are also his victims, some others have said that they can file a complaint against him.

Now, some girls have written on social media that they were saved because they did not go when Sandeep called them. If the player has committed a crime, then Can will help the law that does not cover the door.  Shiv Pariyar’s expression has become the most divisive among the things raised in the social network. Shiv Pariyar had expressed his anger and said that Nepal should be stopped as a country of rapists in the world.

In recent times, famous people have started complaining to the police saying that they were raped long after they had sex, and it has created a big divide in the society.  Lamichhane has appealed to CAN to give him legal assistance.  Lamichhane, who is in Voinsdiz to play cricket, has said that he is innocent, that he will help Can for legal treatment.  Additional Inspector General of Police Ravindrasingh Dhanuk of Kathmandu Valley Police Office has confirmed that a complaint of coercion was received against Lamichhane at District Police Complex Kathmandu on Tuesday.

There was a complaint of extortion against Sandip Lamichhane.  It is a minor’s complaint, I will give more details about it on Wednesday,’ he told Setopati on Tuesday night, ‘The health examination of the victim has also been done on Tuesday evening.’  A high-ranking officer of the Kathmandu police complex has said that the family of the victim girl has filed a rape complaint against Lamichhane on condition of anonymity.

It was mentioned in the complaint that Lamichhane took a 17-year-old minor from Kathmandu to Nagarkot in Bhaktapur on August 1st, then on August 5th, Lamichhane stayed with the victim girl in a hotel in Kathmandu and raped her there.  He informed that after the medical examination, the victim was kept under the protection of the police.  Lamichhane went to Kenya to play the T20 series on August 6.  After playing a five-match T20 series in Kenya, he went to play in the Caribbean Premier League in the West Indies.  Rohit Kumar Paudel captained Nepal in his absence.  Sandeep has said that since he is innocent now, after the match, he will come to Nepal and proceed according to the law.

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