Laxmi Giri & Surakshya Panta । Yugantar। Ep-35

Laxmi Giri, who came to the field of challenging acting to show her art by leaving her government job due to grief, is now in the heart of the people. Leaving her future in safe engineering, the story of the life of famous actress Suraksha Pant, who has been working in the field of art lately, is similar. These two are the artists who have been able to introduce themselves as successful artists, forgetting the path that the family is trying to create, constantly struggling with what they want to become.

Born in Kathmandu in 2010, Laxmi Giri is the first Nepali artist to act live in Nepali, Bhojpuri, Maithili and Newari languages. Lakshmi, who is active in the school program, used to stand on the small stage carrying poetry essays. Fulfilling the dream of a family to get a government job, she got a job in Nepal Rastra Bank in 2028 BS, but at that time it was not easy for a woman to get a job. She became the first female artiste to act in Nepal Television in 2042 BS.

She has been working in more than 100 movies and more than 4,000 television series since leaving her bank job in 2050 BS. She has also acted in hundreds of commercials and has been in the film industry for nearly four decades. Suraksha, who completed her studies in Civil Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College in 2014, was more active in her acting career than in her engineering career. Although she has wanted to pursue a career in media or acting since she was a child, she says she is forced to study engineering.

Sometimes people have to walk on a different path than the path they have taken, when their desires at home are different. Pant had taken a step forward in the media field by participating in a competition hosted by Image Television. After seeing the show on VJ, the film director called her and offered her the film, but Pant had to struggle to convince the family. She explains.

Directed by Alok Newar, who is considered to be the best director, his debut film is still not as successful as expected. Although she was offered a second film without being able to study, it was not released, but her second film Dhanpati was released, which was well received by her, after which she has acted in Bhaire, Gopi, Ghar. Along with movies, he seems to be equally interested in music videos.

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