Leaders do not consider mother’s blood in their body as blood: Binda Pandey

CPN-UML Politburo member Binda Pandey, 55. She is currently a member of the House of Representatives. She is constantly fighting for women’s equality and women’s equal participation in leadership. She has a doctorate in political science and has a good knowledge of state administration and political system.

She entered student politics from ANNISU and was under Akhil’s central leadership before 048 BS. She then led the Federation of Trade Unions. She was a member of the first Constituent Assembly formed in 1965 BS. She was also the chairperson of the ‘Fundamental Rights Committee’ at that time.

Pandey has been fighting with her own leadership for women’s participation in all sectors but UML chairperson KP Sharma Oli is the prime minister but the government is not inclusive. Despite the provisions of the law, one-third of the appointments to the constitutional body were not made by women. The last time the UML Central Committee formed the Madhav Nepal Group, there was not a single woman in the standing committee.

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