Legendary Actor Saroj Khanal in PYL Show

Saroj Khanal is a favorite artist of the older generation in Nepali cinema. His discussion is not less in the new generation. Returning to Nepali films after a long gap, he has now acted in many Nepali films. Gathering good discussion in the Nepali film industry, he suddenly fled to the United States. Due to his emigration to the United States, some conversations have taken place with him about his life in the United States and his thoughts on returning to the Nepali film world.

Saroj Khanal to be the rising hero after the movie started in Nepal. He has acted in many movies. Khanal, who was making a name for himself in the film industry, had suddenly fled to the United States. He spent 17 years in the United States. After settling in the United States for 17 years, he re-entered Nepali cinema. He says the reason he came to the United States was his family. Arriving in the United States to strengthen the future of his children, he says that while making the future of his children, he finds that time has cut the net. Arriving in the United States, he recounts his experience working in a store in the early days.

At that time, many people would come out of the store to look at themselves and return. The owner of the store was shocked to see so many people. But he says the owner doesn’t know anything about him. After a while, Owen found out about him and told him that Owen was reluctant to hire him.

When the protagonist Saroj Khanal fled to the United States, Nepal was the talk of the town. Some even spread rumors that he was working at a petrol pump. But the reality was not like that. The protagonist Saroj Khanal says that he still feels bad about it.

In the bittersweet experience he had in his life, one thing always bothered him. Her family did not agree when she started her film career. He says that his relationship with his family has deteriorated for about four years due to his involvement in the film industry. But when he started gaining popularity in the film industry, he could not show his progress to his family. Her mother’s paradise was in the midst of her struggles in the film industry.

She is still worried about how happy she would have been if she had been able to show the discussion she had earned to her mother.
Probably because he was frozen in the film world, he longed to watch movies from an early age.

He says that he did not stop watching movies even during the SLC exams. He has higher education at Trichandra Campus and says that he watches Indian movies a lot. He used to watch the first Indian movie with his friends.
He thinks that the audience should get to see a good movie. He also says that even the new PD should show the old movie.

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