Life should be like this

A person who didn’t care about meditation, sadhana, religion. A very atheist person. It is enough for her to enjoy food and indulge in prostitution. One day while gambling, he made a lot of money. Win so much money but where to spend it? Then he went to prostitute carrying the same money. Coincidentally, he fights with money. When he regains consciousness, he suddenly feels remorse. He feels that he has not been able to do anything fast till this stage of his life. He curses himself. He keeps the bit of betel he has on the nearby Shivalinga.

After the man’s death, Yamaraj sees his work and decides to send him to hell. But it is also found that he has done a good job and offered the betel leaves and given the money he has to those in need. He is then ordered to go to heaven for 3 hours. Jupiter instructs Indra to make him king of heaven for 3 hours. Indra similarly makes the person the king of heaven for 3 hours. In those three hours, the person donates all the precious things in heaven. When Indra came three hours later, he found nothing. He gets very angry and tells Jupiter to send the man to hell. But Jupiter sees the man’s work and decides to keep him in heaven. All three are reborn as sacrifice kings.

The message of this story is that sin does not make a person fall. Everyone has sinned in some way. If you call yourself a sinner, you will never be able to live with your head held high. So sin does not make you fall. But if that sin can be used for good deeds, it doesn’t matter if you commit a sin.

If it is written to sin in a natural way, how to stop sinning? A closed room can be illuminated by lighting a dark lamp. But how to light a lamp to illuminate the sin in the heart? This is a challenge. Therefore, people should be able to move forward by accepting their reality. I should be able to accept the reality that I am a sinner for the rest of my life, rather than living in remorse.

You need to be able to remove the trap of superstition in your heart. We should be able to use our wealth not only for empty enjoyment but also for this and spirituality. If you do yoga and help for the rest of your life, you will definitely get satisfaction in your mind. The body rejoices in the virtue done now, while the soul rejoices after death. Man should be able to live freely after birth. Therefore, if everyone embraces their happy life, if they move forward by accepting their reality, then surely a life of freedom and happiness can be lived.

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