Lila Raj Khatiwada’s current mission captures power

Lila Raj Khatiwada, who considers Maoist center chairman Prachanda and Baburam as his mentors, says he is now underground. Saying that he is underground for his special plan, he is now preparing to bring out those plans soon. He said that he had to stay underground as he was involved in the controversy due to giving an interview.

Baburam and Prachanda are considered by the Guru because they do not do the wrong thing as they did. He says that he has learned a lot from them as a corrupt teacher. He says that he has been immersing himself in the intellectual factory of this country since childhood. He has been forced to protest against the government as he has not been able to eat two meals even after sweating in this country. He claims that the government has a loaded gun and micro-weapons. But he claims that these weapons will not affect others. That is why he says that he has taken Baburam Prachanda as a corrupt teacher. He claims that he will not make such a mistake as using such things will affect many people. He talks about leaving the country after completing his mission. He plans to stay underground for the rest of his life.

He says the combined war of guns and pens is his way of fighting. He considers the war of pens to be more effective than the war of bombs, bullets and ammunition. He plans to fight with a pen. The goal of his mission is to seize power in this country. How much this is possible is up to him to analyze. He says it will be easier to seize power as the people of this country are unconscious. “It simply came to our notice then. After seizing power, he is not ready to stay in power. He is not even ready to hand over power to any political party. After capturing power in this country, power will be handed over to Shrutiki’s eldest daughter. She doesn’t know if Shrutiki’s daughter agrees or not. According to him, Shrutiki has even made a crown for his daughter.

He said that he had an organization and that he was the captain of that organization. He does not like to establish himself as a leader. He says that the people with the organization have microwaviness. He said his mission was not to restore the monarchy. If the people want, they say, the monarchy should be returned.

He said that he had formed the organization due to the growing corruption in the country. He said his organization had no connection with any of the leaders and people of this country. But he said he would leave the country after taking power.

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