lingden praises Balen

National Democratic Party President Rajendra Lingden objected to the person who works for the country and the people, Mahesh Basnet saying that it is not appropriate for a person like you who has not been able to kill a fly even after entering the parliament and who does not allow the working person to work, that he will build the development of the country.  Who has swept away?  He said that even though he did not think that he would lose to the big parties rather than counting the votes, he made Balen Shah win after the people thought about who can do the work of development and construction.

Lingden has said that thousands of Balen will be born in the coming days to develop and build the country.  Lingden has said that the people are going to fold the Janata Ke Bikame Party in the future.  Rajendra Lingden has said that instead of deciding to go to India to do other work on the Nepali Citizenship Bill, he should work in Nepal according to the wishes of the people of his country, nationality, and independence.  Speaking in front of Kulman in the big general meeting, Rajendra Lingden requested that the big leaders and the party not work according to the sentiments of the people, so they should vote for good people for the leadership capable of developing the country.

After the election of the new leadership in the party, Lingden has become popular among the people, as he has destroyed the wrong actions of the leaders who have been ruling for years, he will take the rights and interests of Nepal and Nepalis and lead the people to a new path by liberating them from suffering.  He has said that doing corruption is equivalent to eating his mother’s blood, as he is a person who has returned from death many times, he will fight for the country and the people.  Lingden is adamant that the country needs to change its face after finding out the leaders who have been using Nepali politics as a business and earning money.

Rajendra Lingden, President of the National People’s Party, visited various places in the program of meeting with the people, from the capital Kathmandu to the villages and towns.  He has said that he has come from village to village to end the status quo in the country, without doing any violent acts, to support the Ra Pra Pa, to establish independence and unity in the country.  Lingden has said that when the industry business is opened in the village, the leader workers need shares, and when someone opens it privately, providing employment to two or four people, and providing service to the consumers, the strategy of the industry leader and the worker is to close the industry business by opening a union.

He said that RAPRAPA is a party that will not hand over office to anyone more than once or twice, and will do whatever it has to do to show it from the beginning.  He is of the opinion that the tendency to beg should be stopped.  Addressing the General Assembly, he said that since he is a man who rose from the ground, if we want to build, protect and preserve this country today, it is necessary for the Nepali people to take the side of the people who have cut ties with the Nepali Congress, Maoists, and UML, and who have been raising their voice in the cause of nationalism and nationalism.  He has informed .

As much as Lingden blames the leaders for spoiling this country, we the people who vote are guilty, so he requested us not to vote instead of insulting the leaders. Changing the leadership in Nepali politics, being the president of the party since last year, but the work is not the people’s mind.  At a time when the curtain is not closed, the young generation should take the leadership of the country and play an important role in the country’s development and change.  He said that the leaders and political parties are different from the outside, but from the inside, they are all working together.

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