Live from America on Haribansha Acharya’s birthday

Harbans Acharya’s movie “Mahapurus”, has been struggling in the field of Nepali art for a long time, and has been loved by the audience for two weeks. Director Pradeep Bhattarai cut a cake commemorating Haribans’ birthday in the hall while he was in America. Harbans, who is in America, is still happy in the country and abroad and he said that he is happy when he sees his parents and children who are emotionally watching movies.

Viewers have said that watching the movie with the family has taught their children a good lesson. Ramesh, who has been struggling in the film industry, said that the movie presents a family story, a bitter truth, so it is a story that every person should watch. Many single parents are forced to live a miserable life due to the fear of people killing their dreams and cutting off society. In the movie, children are told to dream of their parents as long as they are alive.

Even though the movie Mahapurus is in its second week, the theaters are still full, and the audience’s motivation was good for the production team. The audience who had come to see the movie was sweating profusely as they surrounded the actress Gauri Malla. Mahapurus has shown that when Nepali movies are not released, good movies are liked by the audience. Day by day, the production team is full of joy. Mahapurus has given a new message to the audience.

Mahapurus movie received a good response on the first day of its release and has done business of more than 1 crore. The movie produced by a couple who have been struggling in the field of Nepali art for a long time is getting good appreciation from the audience day after day. Karisma has said that she is very happy because even small children come and enjoy watching the movie, she has always said that her beauty is more than her acting.

He also said that he is happy because the movie shows children how to treat their parents and how to keep them. Haribansha said that Pradeep Bhattarai is a skilled man with good talent. . If the movie explains how a person’s life is being lived on the outside and how he is living his life in pain and suffering from the inside, then to make that life happy. If the movie explains how the outer life of a person and how he is living his life in pain and suffering from the inside, it is shown in the movie that to make that life happy, a lonely person needs support even in old age.

Harbans Acharya, who has created his own identity in various fields including movies, serials, songs, music, and street dramas, has been delighted that this is a movie that matches Mero Zindagi with Dark. After watching the movie, the audience became emotional and said that it is a movie with a message that every citizen should sit with their families and embrace their lives. The older viewers said that the movie was made with a very agrarian social sentiment and it touched the lives of many people.

The story of Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribansha Acharya, known as Mahjodi, in the movie “Mahapurus” has made millions of viewers cry. Entering the field of artistry through the medium of Nepali comedy, the couple has become the audience’s favorite by showing their talent in various fields from music videos, songs, music, movies, and plays, and now they have launched a new movie in the market. He said that the movie has been well made with the roles of veteran actors who have been playing their roles for a long time to newly emerging actors. Comedian Haribans Acharya, who has made people laugh and cry in the heart of the Nepali film industry, has an interview with the unseen actors Arun Chhetri and Anjana Bareilly on movies and current affairs.

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