Love and fight with Chhatra Sahi and Kajal Josi

Chhatra Sahi and Kajal Joshi, who have reached the peak of discussion from the field of Nepali Live Lok Dohori, are now a popular couple. He said that the umbrella program was supported by Krishna Kadel and Indreni program.

He said that Kajal and Satra, who started loving each other through the Indreni program, have been fighting and falling in love for some time. Kajal said that since she used to work in the media sector, she was very happy to meet Chhatra on stage when her friends took her to the Indreni program. She said that although she was shocked to see him at first, now she has nothing to do with it. She said that they love each other very much now.

Kajal said that her old man used to tease her in any way and entertain her. Being a fan of the umbrella, she said that she got here by connecting with him on Facebook. She said that she would not be able to reach here without an umbrella. Now they are beating each other in the place where they are paired. Even though they talked normally after becoming friends on Facebook till a year ago, the session said that they fell in love after singing three parts.

Whether the viewers are in the comments or not, even when they meet outside, they are talking about each other. Kajal said that she was relieved when the people who had already left at the beginning started to feel very happy when she got to sing with him. Even though she has worked in another rehearsal before, sometimes she comes to Indreni, but the audience also said that she liked the session.

In the first rehearsal, after talking up to half a cow, the talk of love is told by the session. She said that although it would be better for a woman to have her husband like this, she is very happy to have the husband she wants. Kajal has said that she has become a husband by becoming a babysitter from Ji, while Satra said that she liked Kajal from the first meeting. She said that Kajal’s spirit of helping her and her relationship with other people was good. She said that since she had done all the work for her husband during the session, she used to work with two people.

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