love between brother and sister revealed, Sujita dead case

The death of Sujita of Chitwan is due to the fear that the society and the family will not accept the love affair with the family members. Chitwan police have arrested a relative of Sajita and made him public on Friday. It is seen that there is a love affair between them. The Kitani complaint filed by Sujita’s mother also revealed that the arrested youths were also Sujita’s relatives and boyfriends.

Police have made public Sukdev Bhandari alias Sachin, 23, of Jhapa village municipality 96 of Jhapa at a press conference on Friday. He was arrested by the police from Kathmandu on Thursday and taken to Chitwan. He is a relative of Sujita’s.

According to police, he is the son of Sujita’s older father. There was a high probability that the love and marriage between them would not be accepted by the family and society as they would have a baby. But the police investigation has shown that Sujita pressured her brother to get married.

The police investigation has revealed that their relationship is not limited to brothers and sisters. It is seen that Sujita called Sukdev on June 25. According to the police investigation, the incident took place after Sukdev refused to propose to her.

It is also seen that they plan to live together in Nepal as their family members will not accept them and they will not be considered good in the society. In Kathmandu, they have been seen together for a few days.

Sujita used to study in Kathmandu. It has been seen in the police investigation that Sujita gave her boyfriend a room to find a room. If the plan to go abroad is not successful, both of them have made an excuse to stay together and plan to stay together, police said at a press conference.

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