Lyrebird । Most Unsual and beautifull birds

Birds are the beautiful creatures of the world which have the capability to attract human creatures by it’s beautiness. In this beautiful world we can find the different types of birds which are really unique and very beautiful and which are beyond our imagination.

In this video, we can learn about the  birds which are very different, unique and endangered species of the world. Among them, the first one is Guianan cock-of-the-rock which is found in the rainforest of Guianan. We can see two different types of species of Guianan bird. One is the Guianan itself and another one is Andean cock-of-the-rock. Its half body is in orange color and half is in grey color and looks like a king when it sits down on the branches of a tree and it becomes difficult to recognize which side its mouth is facing towards. 

Second one is Himalayan Monal which is known by Daphne in Nepal and is also the national bird of nepal. It looks like he is carrying all the colours of the rainbow.

It is also called Impeyan monal and Impeyan pheasant. It is found in the himalayan region of Nepal and India and also in the forest of himalayan region. The large pheasant is about 28 inch tall and unlike the male pheasant, the female pheasant is entirely brown in color and seems like a common bird. 

Third one is Wilson’s bird-of-paradise. It is very beautiful and strange by its look. It is a small species which can grow about 6.3 inch tall. It is found on the island of Indonesia. It consists of different colors in its body. Its head is a mix of black and blue color and tail is a combo of red and brown color which looks like a scissor in shape. 

Fourth one is the Lyrebird. It is very different and unique from other birds which are only found in the forests of Australia. It is found on land rather than in the branches of trees. It has very strong legs and the wings are in oval shape. It is the only kind of bird in the world which can produce the sound of different other birds and this makes it unique from others. 

Fifth one is Rhinoceros Hornbill. It is different from other birds because of its beak. It has two beaks. One is very large at the bottom and above it, there is another beak which looks like the beak of a rhino so it is named as the Rhinoceros Hornbill. It is found in Nepal, Indian, Bhutan, Malaysia, Australia and many more. It is announced as the national bird of Malaysia and as the state bird in Kerala of India. Beside the tail and beak, its other part is black and looks very beautiful while flying rather than sitting on the branches. 

Sixth one is Gouldian finch bird, it is a very small bird which can grow upto 140mm and consist of different colors in its body. It is found in Australia and likes to eat different kinds of grains and in a whole day it can digest that much grain which is more than that of  its weight.Because of its beauty, many people want to take it as a pet animal. 

Seventh one is Philippine eagle. It is a national bird of Philippine and is a very strong bird which uses its strong legs to hunt the other animals. Mostly it prefers to hunt and eat monkeys, goats and even human beings in some cases. 

Eight one is Bald Ibis which is also known as the Holy bird. It is found in Turkey and is one of the endangered animals of that country which has only 500 populations. They sit inside the small box made by the woods.

Ninth one is Goose. It is bigger than Dove and smaller than swan and is found in both land and the water. It looks very innocent but at the same time it is very dangerous as well. It tries to attack both animals and human beings but doesn’t do any harm to anybody. The unique feature of this bird is that it has teeth on its beak.

And the last one is the Southern Giant Petrel. It is found in Antarctica and is a very dangerous species. Though it is not dangerous for human beings but is very hazardous for other birds like-penguins. They are mostly found inside their own colony and attack others by forming the colonies most of the time. 

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