Madan Krishna frightening revelation after winning Corona

Best comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha has been admitted to hospital due to corona. He has been admitted to the hospital due to health problems.. Artist Madan Krishna Shrestha, who is receiving health benefits at the hospital, has written an emotional status. He even couldnot eat rice while he was at hospital.

He wrote an emotional status wishing the former king and queen a speedy recovery. Shrestha, who is in a condition to take care of his own health due to corona infection, said that he was saddened by the news of the former king’s health. On social media, artist Shrestha has said on Facebook that his body is also melting due to Corona.

He has given an emotional expression saying that he would like to express his love for everyone on social media. He writes,‘आफ्नो शरिर सिंगै कोरोनाले गलेर लल्याकलुलुक, फत्ल्याक फुत्लुक भईरहेको बेला सबैलाई सम्झेर मन भाबुक भैरहेकोछ आज सबैलाई एकपल्ट माया पोख्न मन लागिरहेको छ] I would like to wish a speedy recovery to King Gyanendra and the royal family.

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