Madan Krishna Shrestha was admitted to the hospital after a sudden heart problem

Artist Madan Krishna Shrestha has been admitted to hospital again. He was admitted to Ganga Lal Hospital in Kathmandu on Saturday morning due to sudden heart problem. According to family sources, he had been suffering from chest pains since Friday night.

Coronavirus infection in Madan Krishna is still positive. Doctors have said that this may be the reason for her health problems. He was taken to hospital on Saturday morning after his blood pressure dropped. According to family sources, he underwent angioplasty on Sunday. Her health is improving now.

Dr. Dharma Yadav, who is involved in the treatment of angioplasty of his heart, said. Dr. Yadav said that Shrestha, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after undergoing angioplasty on sunday, and he was shifted to a deluxe room today. At present, his condition is stable now , said by doctor who involved in the treatment. Not long ago, he was resting at home free from infection.

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