Madan laughed recalling his fathers memory;he was beaten by his father.

Madan Shrestha had celebrated his 72nd birthday with the artist by releasing a song.  He said that Madan Krishna has not been able to have fun with his family even on the day of Valentine’s Day.  Madan Krishna has said that even though the passion is awake in the mind now, the body does not support it.

While on Nepali comedy holiday, his contribution to the field of art has been unforgettable.  Her black has a different kind of magic, which is why her fans are now found everywhere in the country and abroad.  The song, which came on the market from the Creative Hats YouTube channel, shows the lives of thousands of mothers, fathers and children in Nepali society.

Madan Krishna, who is over 72 years old, said that his self-confidence is very strong. He released his song at Ranjana Hall and celebrated his birthday.  The song “Euta Mero Sapna Cha” released today has Madan Krishna Shrestha’s voice and Puspa Pradhan’s words and music.  The music video stars Madan Krishna along with Aanchal Sarma, Rajendra Humagai, Aradhya Khadka, story / concept / director Sarna.  Along with the release of the song at the event, Madan Krishna’s birthday was celebrated by cutting a cake.  All the senior and junior artists are participating in the program.

In the song, Madan Krishna is living alone in the village. He has written a diary in his memory after losing his love.  Old age has many dreams for the children left behind, but when they leave behind, they leave their love for their children and rejoice in their own world.  When children and grandchildren return to the village after fulfilling their dreams, the elders in the village forget their children and grandchildren too.

The song captures the real life of the people in today’s society, even when they have a family at home, their parents who are left alone in a state of helplessness, forgetting their world.  The old man in the village spends his days wandering around, remembering his lost lover.  When the children leave the village without food, only memories are left with the old people struggling alone, everything else is gone.

He has made unforgettable contributions in the fields of Nepali music videos, comedy, television series, movies, etc. Thousands of artists have been produced by watching his talents.  In addition to producing artists, they have worked to bring a new dimension by combining new and old artists.  Even though he is old enough to impress the audience with his talent, Jose Jagar still looks old.

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