Madhesi leaders have used Resham Chaudhary as a medium to fulfill their selfish interests

A few days ago, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli formed a new cabinet. Rajendra Mahato has been appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister in the same cabinet. But many Nepali people are not happy with his post as Deputy Prime Minister. Political analysts and young engineers have also opposed him. Student organizations in different institutions are even burning his idol in different cities.

While the constitution was being promulgated in Nepal in 2072 BS, Rajendra Mahato had burnt the constitution itself. But now he is standing on the post of Deputy Prime Minister based on the constitution. Many have called him an Indian citizen. Many have accused him of taking adopted citizenship from Nepal. Similarly, Vinay Panjiyar, a central member of the Janmat Party and a young doctor, is also accused of making Rajendra Mahato the Deputy Prime Minister to serve India’s interests. He is also accused of engaging in Nepali politics to represent India. Mahato himself is a leader of Madhes. But Madhes

 People are protesting against him saying he is an Indian citizen.

He said that the adopted leaders are taking care of the situation in Madhes. Not only him, but all the youths in the Terai region have been saying that it is necessary to protect the Terai. Not only those who fell from the hills to the Terai but also the natives of the Terai have come out against the adopted citizenship.

He said that while the government is bringing the citizenship ordinance, Nepali citizens may be deprived of getting citizenship. The Citizenship Ordinance has not been able to address the problems of Madhes. In fact, the people of Madhes say that this ordinance will not bring any benefit. Most of the people of Madhes are still not in a position to understand these things. He alleges that all the Rajendra Mahatos showed the people lollipops and asked for votes. The Citizenship Ordinance has become a part of the conspiracy of Rajendra Mahato and Upendra Yadav for the benefit of certain people.

Most Terai residents have no problem getting citizenship. Because their ancestors are from the Terai region, there is no problem in issuing citizenship. The problem for citizenship is the Tarai daughters and their children who have settled in India. Disciples who have not been able to live in India after marrying an Indian citizen or who want to stay in Nepal on leave with an Indian husband have found it difficult to grant citizenship to their children. Similarly, an Indian girl who has come to Nepal after getting married has also found it a bit uncomfortable to get citizenship. But it can be resolved in detail, said Vinay. According to Vinay, the ordinance will only work for these groups to some extent.

He said that Rajendra Mahato had kept Resham Chaudhary in jail to fulfill his selfish interests. He has alleged that his target is to go to the silk field and win the election. According to Vinay, the leaders of Madhes have used Resham Chaudhary as a medium.

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