Madhu Chhetri got married. Now going abroad. When you reach Alif Khan wearing honey vermilion,

Artists Madhu Chhetri and Alif Khan, who have gained a lot of attention in the field of Nepali folk music, have talked about the bittersweet things of their lives together in the new live rehearsal opened by Alif Khan. Madhu said that nowadays it is very difficult for a single woman to live in the society. Artists including King Swar Samrat Raju Pariyar of Nepali Lok Dohori region have been present and sang Lok Dohori.

Madhu has played a double game with Swar Samrat Raju Pariyar, saying that she is going abroad and will come back in the dead box. Alif Khan is married to Satyak Sutuk. After his friend told him that Madhu told him that he would not marry you, Alif said that he would add rupee to the dollar. “Madhu and Alif are good friends because they are good friends, and they know each other’s habits,” she said. Madhu said that she had a friend like Deuta and that her habits were very good. She said that it was a big thing to accept a woman with a divorced daughter when it was difficult for a single woman to survive in Nepali society. She said.

She said that she had done her best to do housework before and that her husband’s parents had come from Australia to take care of her. Earlier, she said that she would raise her daughter and make a living by repeating herself. She has said that she has given up music for some time now. In Sur Sudha Live Dohori, she talks about her life. Alif said that he had known that he was Madhu’s boyfriend before and that he was being harassed by outsiders.

Viral singer Alif Khan, who has not been seen in a live rehearsal for two or three months, has revealed that he has opened a new recorded rehearsal with two of his friends. He said that now other people can come here and record and sing Nepali songs. He said that he has opened a studio in Balaju, Kathmandu for recording and live streaming of his youtube facebook and for brothers and sisters with new talents.

Alif, who made his separate identity by engaging in Nepali song and music, has spent his life struggling a lot while struggling. He has cried in the morning, remembering the days of what to eat in the morning and what to eat in the evening. Alif’s father said that his sons have made progress now and now they have forgotten the sorrows of the past. After the first interview was taken by Kamal Sargam, the same interview changed Alif’s life. Going to Alif’s village, talking about his life, he said that the past days have been haunting him.

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