Mahabhidanta in Kathmandu-1: Pukar Bomb, Prakashman, Rabindra Mishra to Ramesh Kharel

Saying that Nepali politics has not worked for the country and people’s interest, one after the other social service expert in Nepali politics, they are continuously advancing their steps by becoming independent candidates and helping in the development of the country. Many people who are currently in discussion are taking their steps forward by giving independent candidacy from Kathmandu region number one in the election of representative and provincial assembly, saying that they will contest the election.

In the election of the upcoming House of Representatives, in the constituencies of Prakash Mann and Gagam Thapa, the date of the election has not been announced, but there is a wave of those who will announce their independent candidacy. Although the candidacy of independent candidates was negligible before Yash, now it is seen that there is a wave of independent candidates all over the country. Famous journalist Rabindra Mishra, who has been active in politics recently, lost from Kathmandu constituency number 1 to Congress’s Prakash Mann by a narrow margin, and now he has announced that he will contest again with Pukar Bomb.

Pukar Bam Aji, who contested the election twice from Kathmandu, is running for the third time. Bam expressed the call to give candidature independently, not only by fighting on the streets, but also by reaching the parliament. It has been found that many people including Rabindra Mishra, East DIG Ramesh Kharel, Pukar Bam and others are candidates from Kathmandu’s area number one. He has said that the people will vote for him after seeing the work he has done even after losing twice and the work he has done to enter the parliament after winning.

Rabi Lamichhane, who gained fame in a short time by engaging in Nepali journalism, his fans are often holding the opinion that he wants to see him become the Prime Minister. After Balen Shah from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Gopi Hamal from Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City and Hark Sampang from Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, who rose as an independent in the local elections on Baisakh 30, became mayor with little expense, the people’s trust in the party was broken and good people. If they come, they will win whoever they want.

After the independent candidate won Sandar, well-known journalist Rabi Lamichhane, when the union and state elections are coming, many people have joined politics. Lamichhane said that if he is forced to hurry for the country and the people, then he will be ready to join politics and serve the country when there is a demand from people of every level and level. He said that his head will never be bowed down. He has said that he will play an important role in social change by joining Nepali politics with his agenda and vision.

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