Mahabir Pun Invented, bag to keep dead body.

A connector that can give oxygen to two patients from the same cylinder is being built at the
invention center
The only innovation center in Nepal has been trying to find ways to survive the corona infection
in Nepal. PPE was made by the Innovation Center on the previous corona infection. The center
has stated that about 26,000 PPEs have been made and distributed free of cost in the medical
field. At that time, 13 types of materials required by doctors were manufactured at the center,
said Dr. Pun.

In Nepal, the death rate is also increasing along with the second variant corona infection. Also,
there are reports of lack of oxygen in Nepal’s hospitals. In this case, this time the Innovation
Center has created a cover to take the corona infected patient from one place to another. The
National Innovation Center, which has not received much support from the government, has
been helping the country in such a big crisis. Dr. Pun and Singo Innovation Center are working
to eradicate this problem. The center has been producing various materials despite seeking help
from donors.
Dr. Pun says that the demand for some of the materials made in the first phase of lockdown is
very high. Out of which, the demand for PPE is very high. He said that there is a lot of demand
for isolation chamber and isolation hood. A coffin is also being constructed for the deceased
from Corona. Also, oxygen container is being repaired.
He had requested for some time to give the cylinder used by mountaineers to the Innovation
Center. He had planned to fill the cylinder with gas and distribute it to the patients if there was a
lack of oxygen on all sides. He said that the regulator in the cylinder collected accordingly was
not available in the market. He said that 35 such cylinders have been received but only 4
regulators have been received.
Similarly, nitrogen cylinders used in factories can also be re-used with oxygen, said Dr Pun. A
connector that can be given to two patients by connecting from one cylinder is also being made
in the invention center. The demand for this connector is high and they have not been able to
meet the demand. So far, this connector has been demanded by hospitals, teaching and hospitals
outside the valley. When given through a connector, a patient gets up to 15 liters of oxygen per
minute. Dr. Pun says that this connector is very beneficial as it gives 7 liters of oxygen per
minute when giving oxygen without a connector.

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