Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal and Dhiren Sakya have stopped talking? Dhiren says so.

Dhiren Sakya, who has made a distinct identity in the field of Nepali art, has played an important role to rise up in the film industry, Sakya who has given his art to the audience through many movies is an exemplary personality in the field of Nepali art. He has said that he will play movies with the great heroes Rajesh Hamal, Bhuvan KC, Shiv Shrestha, Dhiren has not broken the relationship between them lately and they meet and talk about their work.

On Saturday, Manju Thapa’s song “Maya Laudai Jau” in the voice of veteran singer Anand Karki and Sadhana Sangam, featuring Dhiren Sakya and Manju Thapa, was released. After the music video became public, Dhiren Sakri, Manju Thapa and Anand Karki spoke on Artist Khabar, talking about their careers and the Nepali film industry and the music video. He said that he made a movie 30 years ago in Rani Mahal and now he is happy to make a music video.

Dhiren said that now there is a difference in the appearance of the outside of the palace and there is something different inside as well. He said that the audience will also like Anand’s music video, which he prepared with a lot of hard work. He said that it is wrong to say that Rajesh Hamal and Dhiren Sakya have great enmity and that they have a brotherly friendship. .

Dhiren has said that he has a good relationship with all the artists, he has said that the delusional things coming from the outside in the media have brought out negative things in the society. He said that there is a good relationship between them from the inside, and even now, when they meet, they ask about their old jobs and reminisce. He said that the people he has worked with in the society are still remembered.

He said that Rani Mahal also has a different story and that it carries a different kind of love. He said that although the senior artists were respected a lot in the past, today’s artists are not so respected. He said that in the interview he gave earlier on Samanya Radio, even though the movie was running a lot, now it is not running that much.

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