Maldives, a piece of heaven.

Our planet, Earth is really a very beautiful place located in a milky way galaxy. Availability of water, oxygen, soil and fire in a sufficient amount in comparison to other planets helps the living creatures of this planet to live their life for a long century. Our planet consists of a lot of countries inside it, and according to a report there are 195 countries on the Earth. All the countries have their own uniqueness and specificity. Different countries hold different types of language, culture, customs, traditions, and lifestyle. In comparison the language and lifestyle of one country may be different in a slight or in a large way from another country. Natural beauty and geographical conditions, climatic conditions also vary from place to place which signifies the beauty of nature, beauty of this world. Among the various beautiful countries of the world, Maldives is one of them.

The beautiful country, Maldives is located in the Indian ocean inside the Asia continent. While calculating its area, it is 300 km^2 beautiful island and also a very small country inside the Asia continent. It is surrounded by Ocean all over and the boundary of the ocean is mixed with the Arabian sea and Indian sea. Maldives is also known as a very beautiful island of the world. According to the census 2020, the population of this country is around 5,40,544 and holds the 1200 islands inside it but the residence is found only inside the 200 islands. While looking towards the tourism view, it is not more than the small part of heaven located inside the Earth. The common language which is spoken in this country is called Bibehi and this language is spoken by around 98% people of the country. This country was also under the rule of British at one time and since 1965, the country got freedom from their rules and this freedom is given by India. On 11 Nov, 1968, the 853 years long rule of King ended and the country was established as a democratic country. Many tourists come inside this beautiful country every year because of its eye-catching beauties. Many people of different countries like -India come here for the shooting purpose and this country also has a very good relationship with India, in medical and Industrial aspects as well. Maldives is also about 1.5m above the ocean so, this country is also known as the country in a lower height by a land level and is near the ocean height. Because of this, it is also affected by natural disasters like-Tsunami. This country was under the king of Hindus until the 12th century, but with time Buddhists ruled the country, after which the Christians came in the front line. But now Muslim rules the country. It is also known by Small country of Muslim in the world.

The capital city of Maldives is Male and it is the big city of the country and according to the census report of 2021, the population of 1,03,683 live inside this city. Maldive is the first country, which held the governmental meeting inside the ocean. About 8 to 10 lakhs tourists come inside this country every year to visit the marvelous beauty of the Maldives. Air taxis are used here to travel from one place to another and these taxis have a specific feature of flying and landing above and on the sea according to the needs. Another specific and wow of this country is that all the hotels and lodges of this country are made inside the sea and the photography is done inside the ocean. It is one of the best choices for the newly married couples so most of the newly married couples came here to celebrate their honeymoon. The Sharks and Dolphins fish of this country is famous all over the world. This country celebrates Friday and Saturday as a public holiday and according to the report the divorce rate of this country is very high and is about 70%, which is very high in comparison to other countries. In overall view, this is a very beautiful country of the world and is a favorite destination for the tourists.

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