Man Bhulchha by Prakash Dutraj & Shanti Shree Pariyar. New Nepali lok Dohori song 2079

In the song sung by popular singers Santi Shree Pariyar and Prakash Dutaraj of Nepali Lok Dohori area, Vasant Biswakarma, Prakash Yash, Rupi Sinjali and Prema Rana are in group voice. This song, composed by Maya Preeti, shows the true story of today’s youth in the society. Nowadays, in the new generation, falling in love with others from an early age, they are not even interested in their own future, which has caused a lot of trouble to people.

Singer Prakash Dutaraj’s song “Man Bhulchh” which came on the market from YouTube channel has become very popular among the viewers in a short period of time, which has tried to give a positive message to the society. People today, falling in love with someone, forgetting their world, are engaged in imagining a new path, which is embarrassing even their real life. It is very difficult to fall into the trap of water and love, there is vermilion in your pseudo, the boy is telling you to tell the real story of your life.

Her boyfriend kept telling her to take care of her life as soon as she looked down. The boy forgets my heart when he sees you, saying that it is difficult to spend time without you. The girl looked at him so much, the hat on his head fell to the ground, the love fell on him so much more than not looking at me, the boy said it is harder to live without you, to get married forever and come and live here. Are. The girl kept her words, saying that she would grow a light beard and look at her body with a stick.

In this song, which has been created in Nepali society, showing the real life of the people, what is seen in the young PD now is shown. Even people who go to school forget about love and spend their lives in it, which leads to a dark future for them. Students who have gone to school are spending all their youth in recreation. As they get older, they start to think that they are doomed in life. In the forest, keep me in your heart, the lover is saying.

Her boyfriend kept telling her that she would never understand the meaning of stealing gold. What happens when you touch someone during a meeting, the person sitting next to you in the heart, she is saying that she is ashamed not to look. People who are in love live their lives imagining the memory of others, who live the life of a person in a sad way. Today’s young women, at the age of struggling to read, are composing this song by embracing the environment in which they are wasting their time in Bertha, which depicts the story of Nepali society. Starring Prakash Dutaraj, Bijay Pun, Rosni Karki, Jun Sundas, Ayusman Karki, Bhumika Giri, Sujal Bam and Gita Dhungana.

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