MAN BUDO BHAYENA ॥ Rajesh Hamal॥ Subhash Puri ॥ Eleena Chauhan

Actor Rajesh Hamal’s song has been made public. Organizing a program in Kathmandu on Wednesday, actor Hamal’s first song as a singer has been made public. About two months ago, he sang Deepak Sharma’s song ‘Man Budho Bhaen’. However, the video was only filmed on Tuesday.

Hamal is accompanied by Alina Chauhan, Subash Puri, and Benisha Poudel. The song arranged by Narendra Viyogi was recorded at Web Studio. The video of the public song has been directed by Devendra Pandey.

Watch MAN BUDO BHAYENA ॥ Rajesh Hamal॥ Subhash Puri ॥ Eleena Chauhan ॥ Benisha Poudel॥ Ft. Reshma Ghimire Only On Music Junction’s Official Youtube Channel.

Earlier, Hamal had spoken some dialogue in the song ‘Baja Bajaundai’ of the film ‘Hami Teen Bhai’ directed by Shiva Regmi. Hamal, who has been busy in music video acting lately, is confident that this age-old song will resonate with the audience.

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