Mange Budha’s comedy hub is closing? Raja Rajendra Prabhat and Radhika in Media

In the field of Nepali art, the famous actors Raja Rajendra, Prabhat and Radhika, who are imitating others, make the audience laugh in different ways, and entertain the audience, when the comedy hub flopped. They had a special conversation about whether the construction team could not manage.

Prabhat, who has been in a lot of discussion for some time now, has said that when he shows his skills to the audience, if he likes them, he will increase his ability to work more, and he has said that it gives a different kind of strength to the body. Prabhat said that even while working in the field of Nepali art, they are having fun and working without feeling that they are working with entertainment.

Radhika, who caricatured foreign people including Prabhat and Kamal, who caricatured Bhelu Bazi, has also started to reach the peak of discussion in recent times. After Radhika told Prabhat not to marry her now, it will be difficult after marriage, Prabhat joked that when I love my old woman, you get jealous. Kesab’s established good comedy actor Prabhat has said that he is still doing better and entertaining the audience.

Raja Rajendra has said that the two artists are good and since they both have YouTube, they cannot tell them apart. Raja Rajendra said that they play the caricature required by the story in a simple and easy way. He said that now he is doing a caricature of a good viral person and entertaining the audience. Raja Rajendra has said that he has not reached the high level that Comedy Hub is trying to establish and he feels that he has not been able to explain it to the audience.

Rajendra has said that the audience liked him less because he started working on the idea that humor is not a satire but a different part. He said that Magne Budha’s comedy hub is going to be closed down, but they are continuously working to win the hearts of the audience by bringing famous comedians. Although it is said that only the people of the production team laughed in the comedy, they said that they could not convey the laughter of the audience to the audience. He said that they will continue to strive to entertain the audience.

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