Manisha has different fun with Amar Rai than Abhishek.

Two Tiktok stars Manisha Magar and Abhishek Gurung, who are very popular in Bhinak municipality of Tanhu district, said that although they are in a romantic relationship, they are just friends. She said that Manisa Magar, who makes videos while having fun on Tiktok, has a special sense of camaraderie with Amar Rai from Darjeeling. She said that since they are friends, they are making Tiktok for fun and entertainment.

Manisa has told that since she has a habit of joking with all her friends, some people take it badly. Amar Rai has also said that she has a good friend who is connected with her on Tiktok. Although it was the first time they met, they said that they had met many times on social media. She said that since they are in constant contact on Live, it does not feel like meeting them for the first time.

Manisa, who started living alone without her husband’s support, says that she is thinking of making her daughter a good person, even though she is like her future. She says that she is happy to get good response from many people while making Tiktok in the village. There are many people who have changed their lives by going viral on Nepali Tiktok, who have chosen the social network as a business. If you understand the world of time, you don’t have to go anywhere to change your life, even if you stay inside your home, you can seek the world, if you don’t use the social network properly, you will end your life. If we understand the world society and the current environment and plan our journey, we can draw our own future no matter where we live.

In our society, if some people do not understand the social network, it has become the twenty that takes the life of some, while it has become the God that draws the destiny of some. Manisa, who makes Tik Tok videos for fun on social media, received an offer from a music video after young and old alike liked her talent. She has taken a new turn in her life by introducing herself to many people on Tiktok, when everyone started using Tiktok during the lockdown, she also started making Tiktok unknowingly. After Tiktok started going viral, he started getting invitations from many areas, many people started recognizing him, many people started giving suggestions.

Her husband has left her because she wants to have fun in life, the girl who is advancing her future as a single mother has now been invited by big actors to meet her. There are many fans of alligators who have white teeth with sharp jaws. All over the world are watching the happenings from anywhere in the world at the same time through the internet. Social networks are used to provide people with instant information or entertainment to get information, to spend time alone.

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