Manisha Magar and Abhishek Gurung together in the media

Two ticket stars Manisha Magar and Abhishek Gurung are very popular in Vinak Municipality of Tanahu District. Earlier, they used to say “you”, but now they have said “you”. Abhishek is not old enough to get married. “Sometimes people get hurt when they talk about something else,” he said. He said that he would not like to leave his mobile phone at any cost now that he has a good view on the ticket made by the two of them.

She remembers the situation when she went for a walk with her friends when there was not a big car in the village. Manisa Magar, a disciple of Gorkha, suddenly started going viral after she started making tickets by hiding her shepherd’s clothes. Manisha Magar, who lives in Gorkha, wanted to have fun with Magar Jiban. After her husband did not like this, she is now living as a single mother with her 7-year-old daughter. Many floors of Magar are now boys. She says that many people have commented that they have no other clothes and sometimes people have commented badly. Shepherd Jada says that sometimes when he sees people alone, he wonders what he is doing when he sees them alone. “People look like 20-22 when they see the face, 37-38 when they see the body,” she said.

Manisa, who is living alone without her husband, says that even though her future is like this, she is thinking of making her daughter a better person. She says that she is happy to get a good response from many people in the village. There are many people who change their lives by going viral on Nepali Tiktak, who have chosen social media for business. If you understand the world of time, you don’t have to go anywhere to change your life, you can look at the world from the comfort of your own home. If we plan our journey by understanding the world society and the present environment, we can shape our future wherever we are.

In our society, how many people have lost their lives due to misunderstanding of social media, and how many have become gods who shape the future. The offer came from Manisa Budhapakha, a young woman who keeps making ticky videos for fun on social media, and all her youngsters liked her talent. Introducing her to many on Tiktak, she has taken a new turn in her life. When everyone was on Tiktok during the lockdown, she also started making Tiktok unknowingly. After the ticket went viral, he started getting invitations from many areas, many people started recognizing him, many people started giving suggestions and advice.

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