Manoj Gajurel doing bunjijumb. Manoj was afraid. Hundreds of photos in one destination?

Nepal is known as a country full of religious and cultural nature. Nepali and foreign nationals want to visit different places of Nepal, but due to lack of work arrangements and time, they are not able to visit all places.  Interactive 3D art has created a conducive environment for human beings by keeping the various structures of Nepal in one place in order to fulfill the different goals and desires of human beings.  The team including Gajurel’s son has done an exemplary job in Nepali society by carrying out this task.

People are struggling with different things in their lives, which is why they have so many dreams in the future,” said Manoj Gajurel.  Manoj, who is learning to play the guitar, says that he also does a little comedy.  He says they will succeed.

Manoj, who came to Kathmandu in 2045 BS, has three small dreams.  Gajurel considers himself lucky to have spent a significant part of his life in the field of art. People focus most of their lives on their goals, they have their own goals in their minds. They are working on their goals.  People who move forward will surely succeed in life one day.

Some people are working for money, some are working only for their hobbies and satisfaction. People have chosen different paths due to different thinking.  Artists who present various things in a way that makes people laugh are in everyone’s heart.  Manoj Gajurel was saying that he had a friendly relationship with his sons. Gajurel was saying that only one relative was known as Haribins in the field of art. He said that he would spend as much time as possible in the field of Nepali art.  He said that the journey to was successful.

Gajurel, who decided to start the journey from zero and reach one, says that he now feels that he has reached one hundred.  He said that success would be achieved if he set a goal to reach the peak of success soon.  Gajurel, who has been an artist all his life and makes the audience laugh, says that he remembers the struggles he had in his life.  Newlywed comedian Manoj Gajurel was also laughing and expressing his views

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