Married with blood scarlet, now beaten and bruised all over her body.

Jenny Khadka of Dolakha and Sijan Bhujel of Sindhuli had a love marriage. They have been married for 12 years. Jenny and Sijan had been married for six years and had no children. But six years later a son was born but those sons were also a little weak. He was born mentally retarded.

But his life was going well. But after 12 years of marriage, when Jenny found out that Sijan had cheated on her, she did not close her eyes. Jenny was in love with Sijan and Gat was wearing red. Jenny doesn’t like our race. The family doesn’t accept it. He married Jenny and Gat.

But she did not think that her husband would do such a thing. Although everyone knows Sijan Bhujel, his real name is Hasta Bahadur Bhujel. One day Jenny suddenly looked at Season’s mobile. She saw a text message from a young woman on her mobile phone which made her feel as if the ground on which she was walking had been washed away. My husband’s work was mostly outside. Most of the time, my husband was out.

The family was fine until the lockdown. But after the lockdown, when she started going to the office, her husband started moving away. When to come home, when not to come. The son was also a little weak. When her husband stopped caring for her, she used to wash other people’s dishes. But sometimes my husband who only comes home suddenly wrote a message one day and from now on I will never come home.

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