Mayor Balen and Deputy Mayor Sunita, who reached Sisdol one morning

After the arrival of the new team in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mayor Balen Sah and Deputy Mayor Sunita Dhungol, who have been trusted and relied on by all, have reached the doorsteps of the people and are looking for a solution to their problems. The people of Sisdol are angry that the leaders and activists have taken budgets under various headings, but the locals need a clean environment to make a living from the stench. , Have given their expressions. The mayor and deputy mayor, who reached Sisdol in the morning, said that he would continue to take steps to improve the lives of the people.

After being elected, the young people’s representatives, who are constantly working for the development of the country and the people, are constantly looking for ways to solve the problems of the people. Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balen Sahar Deputy Mayor Sunita Dhungol, who has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, is a person of hope and trust. He has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, who have done a history of disintegration in the executive branch by doing things that have not been done so far. Have been shown. He has expressed his commitment that he will not be happy without managing the garbage, eating late and wearing garlands.

Sunita Dhungol, who has become the deputy mayor of Kathmandu by a big margin of votes, has also handed over the rights of the Singh Durbar to all the wards, just like in the villages. She said that the government has decided to set up a women’s cell in all the wards and reconciliation centers in all the wards. Citizens across the country have high hopes for him, but he is also being talked about in neighboring countries. After entering his office, he was unable to speak because of his problems, tears in his eyes, crying and telling his pain to Balen.

The people sitting in the people’s representative judicial committee have said that they have seen their dreams when they have suffered, when they have lost hope in many places, the victims have seen their dreams in your eyes. Balen and Sunita have said that they will always be the charioteers of the people’s suffering. Kathmandu Mayor Balen Sah, who has not become a member of any political party and has become a subject of interest for everyone, is now found to be a subject of interest even outside Nepal. India and China have also discussed the possibility of independent candidates being sidelined by the big party. Balen Sah, who has become the subject of everyone’s interest, has not lost his curiosity about the meeting of Balen, who entered the army headquarters after becoming the mayor.

Due to the fact that factionalism is rampant in Nepali society, in recent times, people from some parties have been inconvenienced to work for independent people. After the victory of independent candidate Balen Sah and Sunita Dungol from UML for the post of mayor and deputy mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, she has taken an oath that she will always be with the country and the people and work for the good of the country and the people. People from all over the region were present at the swearing-in ceremony in the auditorium. Balen Sah’s wife was also present at the swearing-in ceremony. Balen Sah, who has become the center of hope and trust of the youth all over the country, has high expectations of the people towards the young leader Sunita Dhungol.

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