Mayor Balen called the women who sell corn on the sidewalk in the middle of the night Plim Ma.

Mayor Balen Shah has to struggle a lot to deal with the garbage of Kathmandu and the people who are doing business on the sidewalk. Balen Sah, who went out on the sidewalk himself to manage the sidewalk, joined hands with the women who were roasting corn on the side of the road, cars drive on the road, because it sometimes causes a big loss when there is an accident, so you go to the shop and sell the corn.

On Wednesday evening, Mayor Balen Shah, along with some helpers, had a conversation with the people who were doing business on the sidewalk. Since shutters are available cheaply in the metropolis, he requested that people should be allowed to walk on the side of the road and do business sitting on the shutters. He said that since the road was made by demolishing people’s houses, it should be made easy for people to walk here.

In order to make Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, Balen Sah has been continuously working on cleaning the streets even at night. For the immediate and long-term improvement of the road, SAH has given the first priority to the work that needs to be improved immediately. They have debated with the concerned people including people from other areas such as road division office, electricity, water, security etc. He warned everyone to take steps for long-term development without any comments coming from any place tomorrow.

After the people’s representatives of Oda raised their voice to organize the unorganized sidewalk shops in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Shah said that we should not only listen to the complaints, but also take important steps to solve them, in order to provide more and more services to the people. He said that it should be done continuously. Sah has said that everyone will take the initiative to find a way to solve the problem in all areas, including waste management, dog management, sidewalk shops, etc.

After Balen Sah, who became an independent candidate for the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, won, within 24 hours he has started working in the field to fulfill his commitment. Balen said that in order to change the Nepali society, it is necessary for the youth to take the leadership, she said that the youth should show their power in the change of the society. In the situation where the old society and culture are about to change, people are robbing others for their own happiness, even if the society calls me crazy, I have my own rhythm, I am happy in my world, many people have forgotten the social culture and walked in their own world, so that in the life of people, their own He said that the situation of abuse of freedom should be changed.

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