Mayor Balen in Pokhara

Balen Shah, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, went to Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City, talking to mayors and deputy mayors associations of other cities, he said that we should not depend on outside municipalities for the waste management of Kathmandu and providing water to the metropolis. He said that since he needs skilled manpower and a large amount of money to manage within Kathmandu, he will have to scold the people and the media for a year.

He said that he was not able to solve the problem immediately, as many works do not happen as soon as he said, and for that, research and search criteria have to be made. He said that even though he has received criticism in various places including social networks, he can immediately spend 2-40 million and get various benefits from the waste by bringing a machine, but after making the citizens of his country competent and vigilant, he said that he is silent because it will give a better response and quantity. are

Mayor Balen Shah has to struggle a lot to deal with the garbage of Kathmandu and the people who are doing business on the sidewalk. Balen Sah, who went out on the sidewalk himself to manage the sidewalk, joined hands with the women who were roasting corn on the side of the road, cars drive on the road, because it sometimes causes a lot of damage when there is an accident, so you go to the shop and sell the corn. On Wednesday evening, Mayor Balen Shah, along with some helpers, had a conversation with the people who were doing business on the sidewalk.

Since shutters are available cheaply in the metropolis, he requested that people should be allowed to walk on the side of the road and do business sitting on the shutters. He said that since the road was made by demolishing people’s houses, it should be made easy for people to walk here. In order to make Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, Balen Sah has been continuously working on cleaning the streets even at night. For the immediate and long-term improvement of the road, SAH has given the first priority to the work that needs to be improved immediately. They have debated with the concerned people including people from other areas such as road division office, electricity, water, security etc. He warned everyone to take steps for long-term development without any comments coming from any place tomorrow.

After Mayor Balen Sah himself went to the streets and started working continuously, there was happiness in the people. He said that Mayor Balen Shah himself will go to the streets and ask the consumers to separate the rotting and non-rotting garbage and keep the garbage separately, and he will also fine those who litter. The waste in Sisidol was disposed of quickly, the people there were given medical treatment, and new work was started, and the people were happy. The metropolis has now created two routes to manage the waste, the first route will collect the rotting waste on Sunday and Wednesday, and the second route will collect the non-rotating waste on Tuesday. The waste taken in this way will be managed separately. It has been said that they will use the rotting waste for fertilizer and other activities, and they will start making new things from the non-rotting waste.

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