Mayor balen on KP oli statement about squatter

There was tension on Monday when the team of the metropolis reached the slum with a dozer to remove the squatter settlement on the Bagmati bank in Thapathali, Kathmandu. Now, the incident that happened in the squatter settlement, which is very popular in the social network, is being heavily criticized. Regarding the incident, CPN-UML Chairman and former Prime Minister KP Oli strongly criticized Balen Shah for calling him a boss.

Balen Sah said that he saw a spectacle in the squatter settlement while participating in the congratulation and greetings office of the National Folk Culture Federation. He said that Hakim Saap used a dozer to destroy the human settlements in the manner of seven countries. After the response of KP Oli, Balen Sah learned your opinion about the work of Kathmandu Metropolis fulfilling its responsibilities at the request and coordination of Honorable Former Prime Minister KP Oli Ju Adhikar Sappanna Bagmati Civilization.

You could not do anything even though the government was two-thirds of the ministers. Shah said that you have not been able to do anything for the Newa community, now do not incite the people for your own interests. Although some people were squatters in name only, the real squatters had to face many difficulties. After the squatters won by voting that they will manage cotton, they said that removing the slum itself would be a curse that brought tears to the eyes of many mothers.

One day Balen also said that a situation will arise where they will have to leave their homes and run away like us. They have said that our fight will continue until they are not fully organized. The locals were shouting slogans that Aryaghat Le Balen Sah Lai Le Bheru, Balen Sah Le Khukuri. The area became tense after the locals pelted stones on the team of the metropolis that went to clear the slums. The locals had threatened to kill themselves and mayor Balen if they die, and if they die, they will not leave the settlement until they are settled.

When the metropolis tried to evacuate the settlement by deploying 300 city policemen, local Khukuri attacked with stones. The local people hurled stones at the city police and set fire to tires. While going to remove the squatter settlement of Thapathali, 36 policemen including Raju Pandey, chief of city police of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, were injured in the attack by the squatters. Among the injured, 34 are being treated at Norvik Hospital in Thapathali and 2 are being treated at Veer Hospital, said city police inspector Surya KC.

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