Mayor Hark Sampang cried happily

After the water of Pakuwa River reached Dharan, Mayor Hark Sampang requested me to thank him for being the only medium and for all the people of Dharani to do this work. Since he is a normal person, I don’t want to make Nathe Lau a hero. “It’s a big deal for the opposition, but it’s a big deal for me,” he said.

Sampang has cried saying that the people of Dharane have got water today due to the participation of the people in social work and their perseverance. The people of Dharan have been constantly trying to get water, but the elders have said that they have come to help them with food even though they could not carry stones. “People like Hark Sampang, Balen Sah and Gopi Hamal have to get involved in politics and serve the people,” he said.

He said that there should be a good team to fulfill the common goal and that it plays an important role in building the society. He has said that he will not go even if he is requested to come from the party. Initially, he had different views from the party chairman, but now he has a good rapport with everyone, and the deputy mayor has a good friend. “People who used to play carom board, now they are breaking stones, working and walking on the path of development,” he said.

The first number is improving the drinking water source, saving the water source, and the second number is to make Dharan clean and beautiful. He said that he is planning to plant fruit trees everywhere and prevent drug abuse so that Badar can be found in the flower forest. Sampang said that everyone should work hard to save the municipality’s expenses in Berthai and invest the money in the new place.

Hark Sampang, who became the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolitan Municipality as an independent candidate. He said that he will continue to struggle till the service facility is not available. Hark Sampang said that he has not done anything, it should be the YY of the people of Dharan. He said that he should congratulate the people of Dharan on the day he fulfills his election commitment.

He said that as he is a normal person, he should change his life, for the sake of development, he will continue his work from simple work of breaking stones, carrying stones to big work. Mayor Hark sang the song for the sweet masses in an interview. Mayor Hark Sampang said that by finding water sources, bringing people and breaking stones with himself, water would reach the consumers, intimacy would also increase when everyone was together on the same label, and this amount could be spent on health education by saving up to Rs 5 million. He said that even though he had to go to jail for trying to bring out such information, now he can get information on what he does not know.

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