Mayor Hark Sampang Executive Committee Meeting: Public Order

Dharan Sub-Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hark Sampang has sent a key gift of bicycle to Mayor Balen Sah in Kathmandu. With both the independent candidates, breaking the syndicate of big parties, the people have become conscious, he has shown that if he wins the hearts of the people by doing positive work, the party is not necessary. According to Balen Sah, bicycles are the best option from the point of view of health. “Cycling is the beginning of a change in a person’s life,” he said. When Balen Sah invited him from Dharan to ride a bicycle, Balen also invited him to Kathmandu. Thousands of spectators, including artists, were present at the bicycle rally.

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, has been in the limelight at the executive meeting. It seems that the nature of work needs to be created. After a heated exchange between the leaders and activists at the executive meeting, Mayor Hark ordered everyone to work for the people. The leaders and activists who have spoken less about the work of the people, were told by your words that the people do not get service facilities, they should give more continuity in their work.

Sampang, now 18, of Dharan-18, is a political science graduate who has reached out to Iraq for foreign employment. He said that Hark Sampang would take his salary allowance in full and if he spent more than one rupee, he would hit himself with his shoes and leave Dharana the next day and go away forever.

After the mayor of Dharan sub-municipality, Kusi Samale, while respecting him, he hugged the donor and cried. He has also requested the journalist who gives information through the eyes and ears of the citizen to give free and true information to himself and the common citizen, to give advice on wrong and right action. After becoming the mayor of Hark, he started his work to solve the most common water problem in Dharan Basi by reaching the source of water.

Hark, who ran for mayor by running as an independent with the so-called big parties, always fought for the cause of the people of Dharan alone. He never misused the power he had, and was constantly at the forefront of society and social work. Once people reach power, their way of life changes, which people do not like at all. As the charioteer of Dharan Basi, he is still leading his life, but he is still leading his life in the old style. Many people have changed their lives since the day they took the oath of office, even after winning the ODA seat, but even after winning the Hark Mayor, they are still traveling in autos, saying that they have only reached their full potential and have not improved their finances.

“I am always working in the field because I am for the service of the people. I have won, no matter what happens,” he said. He said that he will get service facility from the government, he will not feed the people by riding in a smooth vehicle. He said that he has become the mayor by spending one lakh and will always remain in this way of life and will continue to serve the people. The basic needs of the people have not been met. Drinking water, health, education and all the other areas are suffering from the people.

He said that there are various kinds of distortions in the society and they are constantly trying to reduce them. Leaders who have done politics in the region, marched in triumph with a bang when they won the election. “Now that the parties have developed the feeling that the people are the sheep and goats, they follow what the leader says, now is the time for the people to teach the parties the oath,” Hark said. He said that the leader is the servant of the people, adding that they should not lose money by winning and by using the people’s money in the right place, they should develop the people’s economic, social, intellectual, health and basic things.

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