Mayor Hark Sampang sang a touching song that brought tears to his eyes.

Mayor Hark Sampang, who is in the news at home and abroad on the 1st of July, has sung a tear-jerking song saying that he can do something for the country and die for the country. He has sung a song saying that we should not spread big gossip in the country, but do small things and move forward together with each other. He has sung to end corruption in the country and find a way to live life in reality. He has sung that we should move forward together for the development of the country, not by fighting against each other.

He has said that I can touch the sky with the pride of this country. He has sung a poignant song saying that you can carry the country, you can die for the country. He has sung so that you can live the life of reality while staying in the dream, being stunned with your imagination. Hark Sampang, who has always won the hearts of the people by developing positive work and spirit in the society, has sung a touching song touching his life and the state of the country at that time. It is found that there is consistency and a very deep feeling in the works of his songs.

Mayor Hark Sampang has requested that the people of Dharan send him to build the development of Dharan by giving him valuable votes, he should first fulfill the responsibility he got, listen to the complaints of the people, and continue on the way to solve the problem. are He has seen the meetings before today and raised his voice saying that he did not bring up the place where he was born and brought up, that it was a big mistake to attack the independent candidate. He has requested to continue working.

Harak Sampang, mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, has constructed two water tanks for drinking water in Baguwa river in order to solve the problem of drinking water in Dharan sub-metropolitan city. People from the elderly to the youth are determined to bring drinking water to Dharan by donating publicly there. He said that Sampang organizes a tree planting program every Saturday to protect water sources.

He said that the first number is improving the water source, protecting the water source, and the second number is making Dharan clean and beautiful. He said that the program is being carried forward to prevent the drug addiction by planting fruit plants everywhere so that the deer can be found in the forest. Sampang said that everyone should join hands to save the unnecessary expenses of the municipality and put that amount in a new place.

Hark Sampang became the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city after becoming an independent candidate. After he won, people asked him to cut him off when he walked alone, when he wore slippers, when he was walking. He said that he will continue to struggle until he cannot provide service facilities. Hark Sampang has said that he has not done anything, this should be the wife of the people living in Dharan. He said that he should congratulate himself on the day he fulfills his election promise to the people of Dharan.

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