Mayor is like Balen, the people of Kathmandu are happy.

A delegation of the Non-Resident Nepali Association and Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor Balen Shah have met. During the meeting held at the Mayor’s Room, the association expressed its commitment to cooperate with the corporation for the betterment of the corporation, traffic lights for traffic management and construction of modern public toilets.

The executive chairman of the association, Kul Acharya, also reminded that the Shankhamul Park in Lalitpur was built in coordination with the Lalitpur Municipal Corporation.

Similarly, he urged the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to construct two public toilets and manage the public toilets if the land acquisition is postponed due to the land acquisition.

Vice President of the Association Mahesh Kumar Shrestha said that the Non-Resident Nepali Association is always ready to cooperate and coordinate to make Kathmandu City a ‘Smart City’.

During the meeting, Mayor Shah urged the association to introduce the art, culture and heritage of Kathmandu in the world network. He also urged to take initiative to celebrate ‘Dog Festival’ as a special festival all over the world and to print the festival in the calendar of that country.

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