Mayor of Dhangadhi Gopi Hamal touched the temple and took oath.

As the people’s hopes and trust in politics began to wane, independent candidates began to emerge one after another. Gipal Hamal, who has become the mayor of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city, said that he will not go to the temple and will not take any service from the government and without corruption, he will always go to the door of the people and work in collaboration with the people. Hamal said that he has to work inside the garbage to clean the garbage, not in a smooth vehicle.

Gopal Hamal, also known as Gopi, is the independent mayor of Dhangadhi who will be elected by a large margin. He had offered to run as an independent candidate from the Vibek Seal Party’s Far-Western ally. He had announced that he would run for the post of mayor of Dhangadi on March 3, 2013. He had lost the election by a narrow margin in 2074 BS. Hamal, who lost by a margin of 2,000 votes before Yash, has now won by a margin of 12,000 votes.

“The biggest problem in the Far West is the exodus of young people. Now, if the people of Dhangadhi are allowed to live in Dhangadhi to do something, the way to self-development will open up,” said Hamal. Hamal said that if he wins in Dhangadhi sub-metropolis, he will spend his life in the development of the country and the people without taking a single rupee from the government coffers. Hamal said that he would not take any service from the mayor. The first decision after winning the mayoral post was not to meet during office hours and not to call any reception. Being an unelected porter, the Dinesh Group, owned by him, does a wide range of business.

Since he has many businesses, his brothers are also involved in the same profession. Hamal, who is involved in business, is also at the forefront of social service. He said that he had also played an important role in setting up a textile bank for the poor, reducing corruption in Dhangadhi and playing a continuous role in social welfare activities. After losing the last election, he walked among the people, explaining his duties.

He said that since God has given him everything, he will continue to work in the service of the people of Dhangadhi. He also requested to come for the meeting at 8-10 in the morning as the work is in full swing towards the beginning of the financial year. After his election, he has requested the various organizations and people in Dhangadhi to refrain from inviting him to the meetings, receptions, inaugurations and other functions as he has come to serve the people of Dhangadhi. He said that since the development so far has been based on accessibility, he will continue to take initiative to fulfill the development vision and aspirations of the locals. He said that for the development of the environment of Dhangadhi now, it is imperative to take up sustainable development and move ahead with its work

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